Helldivers 2 Preorders Are Now Live On PS5 And PC

Scheduled for release on February 8, 2024, Helldivers II, a squad-based third-person shooter, is all set to make its debut on PS5 and PC. Just like its predecessor, this sequel brings together teams of up to three players who must confront swarms of lethal extraterrestrial creatures during their intergalactic missions.

With the launch date fast approaching, Arrowhead Games has recently unveiled two editions of Helldivers II: the standard edition priced at $40 and the digital-only “Super Citizen” edition priced at $60. The latter edition offers a plethora of additional content. Both versions of the game are now available for pre-order on PS5 and Steam. If you pre-order the game before its release, you will receive bonus in-game items as a token of appreciation.

Helldivers II Preorder Bonus

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Every Helldivers II pre-order comes with three exclusive sets of in-game armor:

  • TR-7 Ambassador of the Brand
  • TR-2 Cavalier of Democracy
  • TR-52 Knight