List of Amirdrassil Raid Bosses in Patch 10.2


Here’s a list of all bosses available in the Amirdrassil Patch 10.2 raid. The following post contains spoilers.

Raid Interior

Here’s the raid’s interior visible upon zoning in.


Amirdrassil Raid Boss List

The boss contains 9 encounters with Fyrakk being the last boss of the patch.


Once a devoted protector of the Emerald Dream, this former ancient has been ravaged by flame and now only seeks to destroy.


Igira the Cruel

Driven by cruelty, Igira is able to forge devastating weapons from the screams of her enemies. Within the verdant realm of the Emerald Dream, the torturer seeks to expand her arsenal.



It is said that Volcoross, the lava serpent, is so vast that no creature has lived long enough to see him in his entirety. The gargantuan viper now coils himself around the Emerald Dream to devour it whole.


Council of Dreams

The Council of Dreams are steadfast in their duties as defenders. Pip employs lethal trickery to confound his victims, while Urctos relies on brute strength to demolish his enemies. Aerwynn uses her wisdom and cunning to dominate the field, and guide her fellow council members.

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Larodar, Keeper of the Flame

Once a faithful protector of the grove, Larodar succumbed to the power of flame. Now the twisted guardian is bent on reducing the Dream–and any who stand in his way–to ash.


Nymue, Weaver of the Cycle

Nymue was placed in this verdant realm by Eonar when she and Freya shaped the Dream. In Wellspring Temple, they enforce and protect the ordering of the Emerald Dream, weaving its wilderness into complex patterns.



As the new Firelord, Smolderon unleashes the power of the Firelands to expand his domain and incinerate the Emerald Dream.


Tindral Sageswift, Seer of the Flame

Obsessed with restoring immortality to the kaldorei, Tindral Sageswfit allied with Fyrakk. On the cusp of Fyrakk’s victory, the Seer of the Flame stands against the champions of Azeroth, ready to ensure Amirdrassil is reborn in flame.


Fyrakk the Blazing

Engorged with the power of shadowflame and wielding the legendary axe Fyr’alath, Dream Render, Fyrakk now prepares to feast on the energies of Amirdrassil itself, remaking the world in flame.

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