Princess Peach: Showtime Preorders Are Live

Princess Peach will take on the leading role in an upcoming Nintendo game after almost twenty years. Nintendo has fully unveiled Princess Peach’s diverse adventure during the latest Nintendo Direct. Princess Peach: Showtime will be available on Nintendo Switch starting from March 24, 2024. Preorders for Princess Peach: Showtime are now available at major retailers.

Princess Peach: Showtime preorder bonuses

Princess Peach: Showtime currently does not offer any official preorder bonuses. However, many first-party Nintendo games often come with retailer-exclusive bonuses. We will update this guide with any offers from major retailers like Walmart, GameStop, and Best Buy.

Princess Peach’s only desire is to enjoy her visit to the Sparkle Theater. However, the villainous Grape and the Sour Bunch have other plans. After Grape “steals the show,” Peach assists the Sparkle Theater guardian Stella by taking on various theatrical roles.

With each role being distinct from the last, Princess Peach: Showtime promises to offer a captivating gameplay experience. Players will see Peach transform into a classical swordfighter, a martial arts master, a pastry chef, and even a detective tasked with solving a museum mystery.