Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Unlock Belle And Beast

Discover the enchanting world of Disney Dreamlight Valley and unlock the highly sought after characters Belle and Beast from the beloved classic Beauty and the Beast. Prepare yourself for an exciting journey filled with tasks and quests that will lead you to these iconic Disney favorites.

Unleash the Magic: Unlocking Belle and Beast in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Embark on a thrilling adventure by heading to the Dream Castle and using 12,500 Dreamlight to open the Beauty and the Beast Realm. This will trigger the “Into the West Wing!” quest, where you’ll explore the captivating Realm. Follow the glowing book through the castle hallways until you find Belle in the library.

Belle will challenge you to collect five glowing books scattered around the library. Once you’ve gathered them, she’ll ask you to find a secret passage hidden near the rolling ladder in the corner of the room. But first, you must locate four ladder straps and two wheels within the library. These items can be easily found glowing on the ground or on tables. Use them to unlock the secret passage.

After speaking to Belle again, embark on a quest to find various items. Search the library for one Castle Candle and the Golden Curtain. In the courtyard, you’ll find another Castle Candle against the wall with the tools. Look for the Castle Candle Holder in a hallway near lion statues. Lastly, discover the final two Castle Candles–one near the piano in the main lobby and one inside the secret passage on a barrel.

Hand over all these items to Belle and receive the Candlestick Disguise. Equip the hat and costume, then venture through the secret passage to meet Beast. Afterward, return to Belle and seek out Merlin. Your next task is to craft the Enchanted Canvas. Gather the following materials:

  • Softwood x12
  • Fiber x8
  • Dream Shard x4
  • White Daisy x3
  • Garnet x2

Present the Enchanted Canvas to Belle and follow her into the room where you first encountered Beast. Engage in a conversation and complete the “Into the West Wing” quest. However, your journey doesn’t end there. Speak to Beast to initiate the “A Prince in Disguise” quest.

Now, you must locate three key pieces. One can be found by digging near the rose bushes in the courtyard, another can be mined from one of the lion statues in the hallway, and the third can be obtained by using your watering can to extinguish the fire in the library fireplace.

Return to Beast and open the nearby chest to obtain the Enchanted Mirror. Speak to Beast once more, then venture into the valley to find the following items:

  • Fiber x20
  • Purple Falling Penstemon x3
  • Empty Vial x1
  • Feather from Scrooge McDuck

Craft Belle’s Book Kit and return to Beast. You’ll need to find three more items to assist him with his grooming. The Princely Cologne can be found on the table beside him, the Princely Shampoo is located behind the privacy wall on another table beside the bathtub, and the Brush is in the storage box near the doorway.

Once you’ve gathered these items, return them to Beast and follow him to the courtyard garden to witness his heartfelt apology. After all the running around, you can finally place Beast’s Castle in your valley by paying 20,000 gold to Scrooge McDuck for its construction. This will prompt Belle to join your valley as well.

Belle will give you a note to deliver to Beast. Deliver it, and he will instantly make his way to your valley!

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