Amber Heard Once Commissioned A Mercy Cosplay To Wear For Elon Musk

Experience the untold secrets of Elon Musk in a captivating new biography by acclaimed author Walter Isaacson. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride of revelations, including an intriguing possibility of Musk’s involvement in a steamy Overwatch roleplay with the stunning Amber Heard. As reported by Kotaku, Musk couldn’t resist comparing Heard to the enchanting Overwatch healer, Mercy, igniting a passionate desire within her.

Delve into the tumultuous love affair between Musk and Heard, spanning from 2017 to 2018, with sparks initially flying as early as 2013 when Musk first laid eyes on Heard’s mesmerizing performance in Machete Kills. The cosplay anecdote takes center stage in 2017, when Musk traveled all the way to Australia to be by Heard’s side during the filming of Aquaman. It was there that Musk’s words of adoration for Mercy inspired Heard to dedicate two months to meticulously crafting a head-to-toe costume, ready to fulfill his wildest fantasies.

Unveiling her thoughts to Isaacson, Heard confesses her fascination with Musk’s groundbreaking work, proudly embracing her dual identity as both a captivating beauty and a passionate geek. “I am the epitome of a hot chick who also happens to be a geek,” she declares with a mischievous smile.

However, like all intense love stories, this one too had its share of challenges. Musk describes the relationship as “brutal,” while Heard acknowledges his penchant for choosing partners who may not be the best for him, stating, “Elon loves fire, and sometimes it burns him.” Even Claire Boucher, also known as Grimes, one of Musk’s former flames, weighs in on their past connection, playfully suggesting that her alignment in Dungeons and Dragons would be chaotic good, whereas Amber’s might lean towards chaotic evil.

Immerse yourself in Musk’s world, where gaming and geek culture intertwine seamlessly. Unsurprisingly, the book is peppered with references to games and other geeky pursuits. Even the highly anticipated Elden Ring makes an appearance, as Isaacson reveals Musk’s decision to acquire Twitter was followed by an exhilarating all-night gaming session, exploring the treacherous realm of Caelid in FromSoft’s open-world RPG. Musk’s obsession with the game is no secret, as he even shared a character build that left fellow Elden Ring enthusiasts both bewildered and intrigued.