Empire Four Kingdoms – Kingdom in a Pocket – Game Review

Empire: Four Kingdoms

I think that most of you have once passed through the thought of what it would be like to rule kingdom. Have a castle, subjects, have an army ready for any order make alliances and pacts. You probably thought that you would be able to create a perfect state, and your subjects would love you.

What you order, my king?

Empire: Four Kingdoms is a game created by GoodGame studio and transferred in a very successful way from a web browser for iOS and Android platforms. The gameplay starts with simple tutorials, thanks to which get to know the highly developed interface and the wealth of possibilities that lie ahead of us. By solving the first missions we develop buildings, fortifications, a little army, make an alliance, experience the rules of the game. While gaining more levelsów, new interesting issues of the game open up to us. And these are not just building or military issues. Among other things, we get the option to spy on strangers closeów. This is helpful when we want to attack such a castle. After sending a spy we get information about what kind of troops we have to face. Thanks to which we already know how to deploy armies during an attack to make it as effective as possible. In my opinion the game includes cool little extras like treasure, refugees, wolves or smashingójnicy. With the treasure chest we find smaller or larger amounts of resourcesów, and in terms of wolfów and the rest you just need to decide how to proceed. Probably for most it is not much, but it gives it away in some way the nature of the Middle Ages and the decisions that had to be made.

Regarding Alliances Participation in an alliance is a crucial aspect of gameplay, and it would be unwise not to join one. There are simple reasons behind this, such as the fact that being in a group is more comfortable. You can use the chat to ask for help or discuss the game. There are also benefits to the gameplay itself. For instance, there is an alliance forge where rare items can be created once a day. Additionally, being in a well-organized group of players offers protection, making opponents think twice before attacking. However, before we start enjoying these benefits, we need to find an alliance that suits our needs. It's not wise to join just any alliance because it is unlikely that we will enjoy playing with incompatible players. The gameplay experience will not be as pleasurable as it should be. While forming your alliance is possible, I advise against it, especially for lower level players, as it involves spending a significant amount of resources. This can be challenging for weaker players, causing them to miss out on better bonuses.

Audiovisual Experience As I mentioned earlier, the game has been ported from web browsers to smartphones. Often, in such cases, the game differs from the original and is usually truncated. However, this is not the case here. The developers have not made any significant changes to the game, except for the interface, which is practical and easy to navigate. The world is visually appealing, and the characters look decent. The only issue for me is the music, which is initially tolerable, but over time, it becomes tedious and annoying. The only solution is to turn it off.

Empire: Four Kingdoms


Microtransactions are a common feature in almost every MMO game, serving as a means to enhance gameplay or sometimes as a necessary component to progress. In my view, Empire: Four Kingdoms strikes a balance between the two. The game can be played without the need for live currency and still be enjoyable, but those who choose to invest in the game have an advantage, especially at higher levels. The developers are persistent in promoting paid add-ons, with ads frequently popping up both during gameplay and when the game is launched, which I believe should be toned down.