Classic Hardcore Player Dies From Feign Death


Well, this is a special death indeed. Many players have lost their hardcore characters since last week’s launch, but this one may be the most hilarious/tragic.

Walldewd discovered this fascinating trivia fact in a VERY painful way: in the game Vanilla, if your Hunter holds their Feign Death ability for the full duration of 6 minutes, they actually die! It makes sense when you think about it presumably as the Hunter is holding their breath pretending to be dead, and 6 minutes is a looong time to not breathe. Normally this would be a minor inconvenience, but when you’re a level 31 on a hardcore server…

Now, just why exactly Walldewd needed to feign their death in front of the Stormwind Auction House is a different question entirely. Here’s what the Hunter had to say about it:

Feigned in front of auction house in Stormwind and went to make tea. Came back to this. Idk man this doesn’t feel right

Death by tea it is then!

Classic hardcore is truly bringing us some very memorable moments and we can’t wait to find some more!