Hearthstone Card Battles – Game Review

Hearthstone: Innate Card Battles

For a long time now, in the ranking of online card games there is a fabulous production from the forge of such a noble manufacturer as Blizzard Entertainment, which still holds the first position. And this time we were not disappointed – The combination of the lore of the world of Azeroth as we know it from the Warcraft series and card battles gives us such a wonderful game as this „Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft”.


This card game contains 9 playable hero classes known from the world of World of Warcraft – from having a wide range of the mage, through the aggressive hunter, to the healing class that is the priest. Each of the hero has unique cards and a passive ability, which can only be played by him as well as neutral cards – available to all. Each card is accompanied by a humorous description, as befits Blizzard. We gain newer and more interesting cards by playing and leveling up our characters as well as traditionally with booster packs. They are bought with currency earned by completing daily tasks, as well as winning duels – Because who doesn't like the thrill of opening a new pack of cards?!

Duels consist of turn-based creature exposition as well as casting spells for mana – to the beginning we have only 1 point, every turn getting one more, until we have 10 of it. The more of it we have, the more powerful creatures we can summon or cast even more devastating spells(spells) for the opponent. However, we will not always be able to persevere until the tenth turn, each of the heroes during a duel has at the beginning of the 30 point of life, when this value drops to zero – hero dies.



One of the most enjoyable aspects of the game is creating your own deck of cards, with over 500 unique cards to choose from, each with its own effects and statistics. To create a deck, you must select 30 cards while keeping in mind that you can only repeat one card twice, except for legendary cards, which can only be included once. With so many cards and combinations to choose from, it's important to consider not only the cost of the units and spells in mana but also the synergy between cards and passive hero abilities. For example, if we play a card that takes control of an enemy party with an attack of two or less, we would likely pair it with a card that reduces the opponent's attack during the current turn to gain control of powerful enemy units. This is just one example of the many synergies between cards that can be utilized in the game.


The game offers a variety of modes that add to the enjoyment of the gameplay. Ranked duels allow players to compete against each other using constructed decks, with opponents becoming more challenging as they climb up the rankings. The Arena mode features randomly generated cards and players can continue to play until they have lost three times or won twelve games, with greater rewards for players who progress further. In addition, there is an Adventure mode where players can purchase dungeon wings with gold to face computer opponents with special mechanics and cards, including well-known Warcraft lore characters such as Ragnaros and Kel'Thuzad. The mode has a Heroic variant that poses an extreme challenge and requires significant strategy and experimentation. The new "Brawliseum" mode, where players fight against each other under ever-changing rules every week, also adds to the diversification of the game. With regular additions of new expansions containing fresh cards and adventures, Hearthstone has emerged as a standout among other online card games and, in my opinion, ranks as the top representative of its genre.