Amber Heard Once Commissioned A Mercy Cosplay To Wear For Elon Musk

Experience the untold secrets of Elon Musk in a captivating new biography by acclaimed author Walter Isaacson. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride of revelations, including an intriguing possibility of Musk’s involvement in a steamy Overwatch roleplay with the stunning Amber Heard. As reported by Kotaku, Musk couldn’t resist comparing Heard to the enchanting Overwatch healer, Mercy, igniting a passionate desire within her.

Delve into the tumultuous love affair between Musk and Heard, spanning from 2017 to 2018, with sparks initially flying as early as 2013 when Musk first laid eyes on Heard’s mesmerizing performance in Machete Kills. The cosplay anecdote takes center stage in 2017, when Musk traveled all the way to Australia to be by Heard’s side during the filming of Aquaman. It was there that Musk’s words of adoration for Mercy inspired Heard to dedicate two months to meticulously crafting a head-to-toe costume, ready to fulfill his wildest fantasies.

Unveiling her thoughts to Isaacson, Heard confesses her fascination with Musk’s groundbreaking work, proudly embracing her dual identity as both a captivating beauty and a passionate geek. “I am the epitome of a hot chick who also happens to be a geek,” she declares with a mischievous smile.

However, like all intense love stories, this one too had its share of challenges. Musk describes the relationship as “brutal,” while Heard acknowledges his penchant for choosing partners who may not be the best for him, stating, “Elon loves fire, and sometimes it burns him.” Even Claire Boucher, also known as Grimes, one of Musk’s former flames, weighs in on their past connection, playfully suggesting that her alignment in Dungeons and Dragons would be chaotic good, whereas Amber’s might lean towards chaotic evil.

Immerse yourself in Musk’s world, where gaming and geek culture intertwine seamlessly. Unsurprisingly, the book is peppered with references to games and other geeky pursuits. Even the highly anticipated Elden Ring makes an appearance, as Isaacson reveals Musk’s decision to acquire Twitter was followed by an exhilarating all-night gaming session, exploring the treacherous realm of Caelid in FromSoft’s open-world RPG. Musk’s obsession with the game is no secret, as he even shared a character build that left fellow Elden Ring enthusiasts both bewildered and intrigued.

Awesome Tanaris Wasteland Transmog Set Coming in Patch 10.2


Prepare to be amazed by the incredible transmog options in Guardians of the Dream! And we’re not just talking about the jaw-dropping raid sets. Feast your eyes on the mind-blowing armor from the mysterious Tanaris Wasteland transmog set. With two stunning color variations and two epic back attachment options – a cloak and a mechanical backpack-type thing – this set is a true masterpiece of design and style.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out these awe-inspiring images, courtesy of the talented LeystTV:



List of Amirdrassil Raid Bosses in Patch 10.2


Here’s a list of all bosses available in the Amirdrassil Patch 10.2 raid. The following post contains spoilers.

Raid Interior

Here’s the raid’s interior visible upon zoning in.


Amirdrassil Raid Boss List

The boss contains 9 encounters with Fyrakk being the last boss of the patch.


Once a devoted protector of the Emerald Dream, this former ancient has been ravaged by flame and now only seeks to destroy.


Igira the Cruel

Driven by cruelty, Igira is able to forge devastating weapons from the screams of her enemies. Within the verdant realm of the Emerald Dream, the torturer seeks to expand her arsenal.



It is said that Volcoross, the lava serpent, is so vast that no creature has lived long enough to see him in his entirety. The gargantuan viper now coils himself around the Emerald Dream to devour it whole.


Council of Dreams

The Council of Dreams are steadfast in their duties as defenders. Pip employs lethal trickery to confound his victims, while Urctos relies on brute strength to demolish his enemies. Aerwynn uses her wisdom and cunning to dominate the field, and guide her fellow council members.

Snímka obrazovky 2023-09-10 o 11.12.30.jpgSnímka obrazovky 2023-09-10 o 11.12.39.jpgSnímka obrazovky 2023-09-10 o 11.12.34.jpg

Larodar, Keeper of the Flame

Once a faithful protector of the grove, Larodar succumbed to the power of flame. Now the twisted guardian is bent on reducing the Dream–and any who stand in his way–to ash.


Nymue, Weaver of the Cycle

Nymue was placed in this verdant realm by Eonar when she and Freya shaped the Dream. In Wellspring Temple, they enforce and protect the ordering of the Emerald Dream, weaving its wilderness into complex patterns.



As the new Firelord, Smolderon unleashes the power of the Firelands to expand his domain and incinerate the Emerald Dream.


Tindral Sageswift, Seer of the Flame

Obsessed with restoring immortality to the kaldorei, Tindral Sageswfit allied with Fyrakk. On the cusp of Fyrakk’s victory, the Seer of the Flame stands against the champions of Azeroth, ready to ensure Amirdrassil is reborn in flame.


Fyrakk the Blazing

Engorged with the power of shadowflame and wielding the legendary axe Fyr’alath, Dream Render, Fyrakk now prepares to feast on the energies of Amirdrassil itself, remaking the world in flame.

<img alt="WoW_Dragonflight_10.2_Raid-Amirdrassil_Fyrakk_002.png" src="https://www.

FFXIV: How to Experience 360° Spatial Audio with Immerse Gamepack


Step into the immersive world of Eorzea with Immerse’s Gamepack, a mind-blowing feature that transforms surround sound into 360° Spatial Audio. Dive into the free trial for 14 days and prepare to be blown away by the unparalleled experience of Final Fantasy XIV!

Final Fantasy XIV is an extraordinary MMORPG that transports you to the enchanting realm of Eorzea, where you can forge your own destiny, explore vast landscapes, engage in epic battles, and join forces with players from all corners of the globe. This game has garnered immense praise for its captivating storyline, dynamic gameplay, breathtaking visuals, and vibrant melodies. Today, we’ll delve into the mesmerizing music that accompanies this epic adventure!

The Immerse Gamepack is an incredible addition to the game, allowing surround sound to be transformed into a 360° Spatial Audio experience. This means that every sound in the game will surround you, coming from different directions and distances. You’ll hear the thunderous roar of a dragon behind you, the gentle whisper of a comrade beside you, or the enchanting melodies of a bard in front of you.

FF14 Immerse Gamepack Spatial Audio.jpg

The Immerse Gamepack utilizes cutting-edge artificial intelligence to personalize the sound for your headset or headphones, ensuring that you experience the utmost audio quality. It is compatible with most headphones and devices, although you may need to update your drivers and settings before diving into this extraordinary audio adventure.

The best part is that curious players can embark on a 14-day free trial of the Immerse Gamepack! And for those who have already enjoyed the free trial in the past, rejoice, for it has been extended for an additional 30 days! For all the details, simply visit the official Embody website, download the trial version of the Immerse Gamepack, and follow the FFXIV Gamepack Setup instructions to install it. Then, launch Final Fantasy XIV and prepare to be transported to a whole new level of gaming immersion!

Players can also visit Embody’s Youtube channel to check out the introduction video:

So, let’s all dive in headfirst and immerse ourselves in this groundbreaking audio and music experience of Final Fantasy XIV!

Class Guides Updated for Fury Incarnate (Dragonflight Patch 10.1.7)


Upgrade your gaming experience with our newly updated class guides for Patch 10.1.7! Get ahead of the game and explore the latest class changes that will be released with the weekly maintenance in your region.

Dragonflight Patch 10.1.7 Class Changes

Only a select few classes have received exciting class changes in Fractures in Time. Check out our separate pages dedicated to each class to discover what’s new.

Dragonflight Patch 10.1.7 Class Guides

Improve your gameplay with our updated class guides for Fractures in Time, the second minor content update of Dragonflight.

Dragonflight Evoker Class Guides

The Augmentation Evoker specialization is still relatively new, so we have dedicated separate class guides to help you master their unique abilities.

Other Class Guides

Explore our comprehensive class guides for all other classes. Use our talent calculator to easily import/export builds and optimize your gameplay!


Classic Hardcore Player Dies From Feign Death


Well, this is a special death indeed. Many players have lost their hardcore characters since last week’s launch, but this one may be the most hilarious/tragic.

Walldewd discovered this fascinating trivia fact in a VERY painful way: in the game Vanilla, if your Hunter holds their Feign Death ability for the full duration of 6 minutes, they actually die! It makes sense when you think about it presumably as the Hunter is holding their breath pretending to be dead, and 6 minutes is a looong time to not breathe. Normally this would be a minor inconvenience, but when you’re a level 31 on a hardcore server…

Now, just why exactly Walldewd needed to feign their death in front of the Stormwind Auction House is a different question entirely. Here’s what the Hunter had to say about it:

Feigned in front of auction house in Stormwind and went to make tea. Came back to this. Idk man this doesn’t feel right

Death by tea it is then!

Classic hardcore is truly bringing us some very memorable moments and we can’t wait to find some more!

Freehold +22 Soloed by Iway


Prepare to be amazed! Witness the incredible feat of Iway as they solo Freehold +22! This is a gaming achievement like no other, and we’re here to break it down for you.

In an epic display of skill and determination, Iway spent a total of 6 hours and 45 minutes conquering the dungeon and emerging victorious against all the bosses.

Prepare for Battle

  • Enemy forces: 25
  • Skycap’n Kragg: 0
  • Councul o’ Captains: 11
  • Ring of Booty: 0
  • Harlan Sweete: 0

Witness the Journey



Watch the Solo Video

Prepare to be inspired! Watch Iway’s incredible solo run in action.